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About Us

Life is movement; Continuous change. SJCAM is a leader in the Action Camera market because SJCAM constantly evolves to satisfy market demands.
Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.

SJCAM prides itself not only on creating awesome action cams, but also for fully supporting them. SJCAM also releases new firmware frequently upgrading SJCAM features.


SJCAM Cameras fall into four main series:

  • SJ4000 Series: (SJ4000 Basic, SJ4000 WiFi, SJ4000+ Plus)
  • SJ5000 Series: (SJ5000 Basic, SJ5000 WiFi, SJ5000+ Plus, SJ5000x Elite)
  • M10 Series: (M10 Basic, M10 WiFi, M10+ Plus)
  • M20 Miniature Action Camera

SJCAM continues to welcome distributors in India to distribute and support SJCAM products.

Sjcamhd.in welcomes customers and outdoors enthusiasts from all over India to join the SJCAM Family!


Enjoy our newly launched official site!

SJCAM team